About us

We are mamas, we are wives, sisters, daughters, friends, and family. One of us is actually a grandmother. And we have discovered in life, the hard shines us up and helps us become who we are meant to be and leads us to paths exactly where we are supposed to be. If we let them, the trials and hardships in life will refine us and help mold us into better, stronger, and kinder versions of ourselves.

Sometimes, necessity can be the greatest catalyst for creativity and things done in love always prevail.

Our idea for Magnetic Mama came about while sitting around a table at lunch. We all felt a tingle and knew we had to see how far we could take our vision and dream.

We believe, as women, we are capable of so much and are called upon for many things and to come through in many different situations in life. Our hope is that in some small way we can bring ease and comfort into your lives while also being mindful and stylish.

We cherish our faith and our family. We believe in working hard not only for the benefit of our families but for your families as well. We want to make a difference at home and in the world and create a community of love, light, and positivity.

We are thrilled and extremely grateful to share this new adventure and opportunity with all of you.
Thank you for your support and for taking the time to be part of this journey with us!

 The Magnetic Mamas